Blogger: usha srikumar
(Do click on the image to watch this video for the complete procedure)Ven Pongal- The South Indian version of Khichdi is the ultimate comfort food  .....This dish is made of easily available ingredients like raw rice and moong dal. It is seasoned with a dash of peppercorn and cumminseeds in hot oil or ghee.It is traditionally served with chutneys/Sambar or Ghothsu.The mild taste , in easy to digest,well cooked dish is suitable for people of all ages .Maybe the Ven Pongal with its flavors ,taste and the aroma of hot ghee and .mild spices has made it the Ultimate food for Gods....No wonder Ven Pongal is regularly served as a Prasad in most of the South Indian temples in eco friendly cups ... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
A visit to Chennai is incomplete without visitingthe world's second longest beach- Marina Beach....And how can a visit to Marina Beach be completewithout gorging hot bajjis and sundals and Masala Poris...Bajjis and Sundals are commomly made in all homes...but Masala Pori is a bit uncommon....Here is a video on the making of Marina Beach style Masala Pori....It is a simple and yummilicious dishWhich is tasty and really healthy too...You just need some puffed rice,chopped onions,chopped  tomatoes,grated mango,carrots,diced chillies,boiled peanuts and a big heap of crunchy pori/puffed rice/Murmura...... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
  Here is a detailed video on how to prepare Idli Milagai Podi / Ellu milagai podi  at home.... Do watch the video and give your valuable comments...For the detailed recipe click on the link below...Idli Milagai Podi... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
Here is a protein rich curry ....a perfect partner for your rotis and rice dishes....INGREDIENTSDOUBLE BEANS -1 CUPCAPSICUM (Chopped) -1 CUPTOMATOES-2ONION -1GARLIC -FEW PODSCHILLI POWDER -3/4 TEASPOONTURMERIC POWDER-1/4 TEASPOONCUMIN POWDER -1 TEASPOONGARAM MASALA POWDER -1/2  - 1 TEASPOONOIL -2 TEASPOONSSALT TO TASTECORIANDER LEAVES -FEWMETHODPressure cook double beans till done.Heat some oil in a pan.Fry the garlic,chopped onions and tomatoes. Add the powders and salt to taste.When it is cooked to a pulp,puree in a mixer.Heat the remaining oil.Shallow fry the capsicum for a few minutes.Add the double beans and tomato onion masala .Bring to a boil.Simmer for 3-5 minutes.Remove fr... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
Here is a simple and tasty meal in a dish which can be prepared in a jiffy ...Lunch or Dinner...this dish comes in as a handy lifesaver...It can be prepared with minimum fuss and mind you... it is a tasty and healthy dish rolled into one...INGREDIENTSBASMATI RICE - I CUPONION -1CAPSICUM(chopped) - 1 CUPCAULIFLOWER (chopped)-1 CUPOIL -1 TABLESPOONGREEN CHILLIES- 2-3GARAM MASALA POWDER -1 TEASPOONTURMERIC POWDER - 1/4 TEASPOONSALT TO TASTECORIANDER LEAVES FOR GARNISHINGMETHODWash and soak the rice for 15 minutes.Heat the oil in a pressure pan.Saute the chopped chillies,chopped onion and chopped vegetables for a minute or two.Add the turmeric and garam masala powder. Now add the ... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
Potatoes are a favorite of all ages,seasons and palates...Do try out this spicy baby potato fry that can be made in a jiffy...INGREDIENTSBABY POTATOES -1/2 KILOSOIL FOR DEEP FRYINGRED CHILLY POWDER -TO TASTEAMCHOOR POWDER (dry mango powder) -A BROAD PINCHSALT TO TASTEMETHODWash and clean the baby potatoes.Pressure cook them for just 1 whistle in salted water.Remove from the cooker and peel them.Heat the oil in a pan .Deep fry the potatoes till golden color.Drain.Place them in a bowl.Add salt to taste,chilly powder to taste and Amchoor powder.Toss well till the potatoes are coated well.This is a great starter,snack or a side dish that is a perfect accompaniment for chappatis, pulavs, sambar ,... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
Watch this video clipping to learn about the benefitsof drinking water stored in copper vessels...And do you remember...that is what most ofour ancestors did...It may solve most of yourhealth issues...... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
Sevai is an all time favorite South Indian dish....Known as "Sevai" in Tambram homes,it is called "Sandhagai" in Coimbatore region...and "Shavige " in Karnataka....Though it looks like Idiyappam, there are a lot of subtle nuances in the ingredients the in the process that makes it totally different from Idiyappam ...I will elaborate on  the  differences later....Since making Sevai is a rather laborious process,the instant sevai is a boon for those who want to make this dish in a jiffy...and I have to accept that the original is unsurpassable we humbly accept the instant one too as an alternative...INGREDIENTSMTR INSTANT SEVAI ( I PACKET)FOR THE SEASONINGGRATED COCONUT - 2-3 CUPSGRE... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
The Indian style of eating with your fingers and have caught up in various fine dining restaurants...Maybe people have realised the benefitsof eating on a chlorophyll rich banana leaf...and eating Indian food the Indian way...The five fingers of your right hand........ Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
Pineapples are usually used to make juices,squashes,jams,halwas,puddings ,kesaris etc.It was in a Kannada wedding  that I tasted Pineapple Gojju-A hot,sour,sweet and tangy curryand I fell in love with it....And when I laid my hands on a pineapple,I tried to prepare something like that but I preferred to follow the traditional  Mangai Pachadi/Mango Puli Pachadi recipe...And wow...It was an instant sellout indeed....INGREDIENTSPINEAPPLE CHUNKS -  2-3 CUPSGREEN CHILLIES-3DRY RED CHILLIES-4FENUGREEK SEEDS-1/4 TEASPOONMUSTARD SEEDS-1/2 TEASPOONURAD DHAL-1/4 TEASPOONTURMERIC POWDER-1/4 TEASPOONSAMBAR POWDER-1/2 TEASPOONASAFOETIDA POWDER -A PINCHJAGGERY - 1/4 CUPTAMARIND EX... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
Desserts,starters  and salads @ GRT Hotel,T.Nagar...A short videoWhatta spread...Droolicious...Loaded ...Sinfully rich and tasty....... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
Narthangai Oorugai/Citron Pickle is a healthy and tasty pickle....an accompaniment to the all time favorite "Thayir Sadham " in any Tamil Brahmin home...Here is a sure fire,time-tested recipe for Narthangai Oorugai....INGREDIENTSFIRM CITRONS-    6-8 GINGELLY OIL-      1-2 CUPSTURMERIC POWDER -1 TEASPOONCHILLY POWDER  - 3 -4 TEASPOONSMUSTARD SEED-1 TEASPOONFENUGREEK SEEDS -1 1/2 TEASPOONASAFOETIDA POWDER -1 TEASPOONSALT TO TASTE - APPROXIMATELY 3/4 CUPMETHODWash and dry the citrons.Chop the citrons into small pieces.(Make sure you use a shallow bowl to hold the chopped citrons and the juice of the citrons.)Put the chopped citrons and the juice of the citrons... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
We all rave about the benefits of Oranges....But we do not have a second thought before dumping the orange peel....After knowing about the benefits that the humble orange peel has,and after tasting this simple and tasty dish you will never throw the peel away....Orange peel also contains considerable amounts of calcium, copper, magnesium, vitamin A, folate and other B vitamins and dietary fiber. They have an intense orange and bitter flavor, but the latter is often a clue that a food is healthy; the bitter taste is the result of the many flavonoids that orange peels contain.INGREDIENTSCHOPPED ORANGE PEEL -1 CUPTAMARIND-1 INCH BALLJAGGERY... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
Appam/appam/Palappam is a very famous and tasty breakfast of Kerala and parts of Tamilnadu. Preparing Appam is an art .Soak together one cup of raw rice and one cup of boiled rice for 4 hours. Drain and rinse well. Grind them along with a cup of grated coconut to a smooth paste in a wet grinder.  Add salt to taste. Keep aside for 8 hours. Now,add a teaspoon full of Soda bicarbonate and stir well.Keep aside for 15 minutes or till it froths well.Now the batter is ready for making Appams.And now....Follow the video and make the Aappam....... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
We Chennaiites are a whole lot ofdie hard foodies...But we have our unique preferences(maybe that's what make us unique too!!!)Have a look at my small slideshow on what Chennai eats....which I have postedin my new YouTube channel....Do give your valuable comments and subscribe to my channel too....... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
Here is a plate full of delicious, scrumptious Somasis -Crunchy,crusty and tasty with a healthy filling which can be altered as per your taste...Though they taste somewhat like Vegetable samosas, they are much easier to prepare...For the doughIngredientsFlour-1 cupRawa -1 teaspoonSalt to tasteGhee -I teaspoonWarm water for kneadingOil for fryingFor the fillingBoiled potatoes-2 CupsBoiled green peas -1/2 cupChopped onions-1 cupRed chilly powder -1 teaspoonTurmeric powder-1/4 teaspoonGaram masala powder-1/2 teaspoonSalt to tasteOil- 2 teaspoonsMethodTo make the dough-Mix together the flour,rawa ,ghee and salt .Add just enough warm water,little by little and knead a stiff dough.Keep aside for 3... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
Here is an easy to prepare ,tasty More Kuzhambu which is a refreshing change from the regular tamarind based South Indian Sambars and Kuzhambus.....INGREDIENTSLADIES FINGER -10THICK CURD (slightly sour) -3 -4 cupsGRATED COCONUT -1/2 cupTOOR DHAL - 1 TspGREEN CHILLIES -4TURMERIC POWDER -1/4 TspOIL -4 TeaspoonsMUSTARD SEEDS -1/4 TeaspoonURAD DHAL -1/2 TeaspoonCURRY LEAVES -FewSALT TO TASTEASAFOETIDA  POWDER -A littleMETHODCut Ladies fingers into 1 inch pieces.Soak Toor Dhal in warm water for 15 minutes.Heat the oil in a heavy bottomed pan.Splutter the mustard seeds and toor dhal.Now add  the cut ladies finger and stir fry over slow heat till well cooked or evenly roasted.Grind togeth... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
Here is an easy to prepare side dish for your good old idli/dosas...It is indeed a sellout when you are bored of chutneys and sambar and podis.You need minimum ingredients and very little effort too...INGREDIENTSTOMATOES-3ONIONS-1GARLIC -FEW PODSGREEN CHILLY -  3TAMARIND PUREE -1/4 TspGRATED COCONUT-1/4 CupFENUGREEK SEEDS- A pinchMUSTARD-1/4 TspCUMINSEEDS1/4 TspSAMBAR POWDER-1TspPRESSURE COOKED TOOR DAL -1/2 cupCOCONUT OIL-2SALT TO TASTECURRY LEAVES -FEWMETHODChop onions and tomatoes into small pieces.Crush the garlic pods.Grind the coconut and chillies with a little water to a smooth paste.Heat the oil.Temper the mustard,cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds.Add the chopped onions and crushe... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
Here is a simple Potato side dish which needs minimum ingredients and can be prepared in a jiffy with absolutely no fuss....And mind you...it is a healthy ,low fat dish too!Though there are many Potato curries ,this one is  my all time favorite...INGREDIENTSPOTATOES-1/2 KgGREEN CHILLY- 3 - 4GRATED COCONUT -1/2 CupMUSTARD SEEDS -1/4 TspURAD DHAL -1 TspOIL -3 TspsCURRY LEAVES -FewSALT TO TASTEMETHODWash and clean the potatoes.Cut into halves or quarters depending on their size.Pressure cook till just done.Drain.Peel the potatoes and crumble them coarsely.Heat the oil in a pan.Fry the mustard seeds and urad dhal.Saute the chopped green chillies.Now add the crumbled potatoes  and salt ... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
A scrumptious bhatura with a liberal helping of Chole....That's the ultimate comfort food for any Indian.....INGREDIENTSFLOUR (Maida) -2 cupsSOUR CURD -1 cupSODA BICARBONATE - 1/4 teaspoonSALT TO TASTEOIL FOR FRYINGMETHODMix together the salt,soda bicarbonate and the curd well.Add a teaspoon of oil to it and mix well.Now add it to the flour little by little and make a soft dough.If needed,you can add more curd or water to make the dough.Keep the dough in a basin and cover it with a damp towel.Keep it in a warm place for 4-6 hours ,preferably in a place where there is hot sunlight.Now the dough would have risen well.Make lime sized balls out of the dough and roll them out into pound/oval shap... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
Here is a tasty and wholesome thuvayal made with our humble bunch of curry leaves which is an abundant source of Iron....As these leaves are always available ,you can make this dish any day or time  within minutes....Usually,curry leaves are used for seasoning and garnishing  and usually end up as leftovers after a meal so their nutrients are not had by us fully but this dish makes sure that we consume it fully and definitely it bowls us by its aroma and taste too...INGREDIENTSCURRY LEAVES  -2 cupsURAD DHAL-1 tablespoonRED CHILLIES -  4-6TAMARIND -A small bitGRATED COCONUT - 1 CUPSALT TO TASTEOIL -1 teaspoonMETHODWash and clean the curry leaves .Towel dry them.Heat the oi... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
Here is a healthy and tasty Cauliflower Masala with the aroma of coconut and mild spices...INGREDIENTSCAULIFLOWER PIECES - 3 CUPSCAPSICUM -1ONION-1TOMATO -2GARLIC -FEW PODSSAUNF -1/4 TEASPOONCUMIN SEEDS -1/2 TEASPOONCLOVES-4ELAICHI-2CINNAMON-1 BITCHILLI POWDER-1 TEASPOONTURMERIC POWDER - 1/4 TEASPOONOIL FOR FRYING -2 TABLESPOONSGRATED COCONUT -1/2 CUPCOCONUT MILK -1/2 CUPSALT TO TASTE CORIANDER LEAVES FOR GARNISHINGMETHODChop onions ,tomatoes and capsicum into small bits.Soak the cauliflower bits in hot,salted water and wash well after 30 mins.Heat 3 teaspoons of oil in a pan.Fry the spices,garlic ,onions and tomatoes till they are mushy.Add the coconut and grind to a coarse paste.Keep ... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
Here is a simple meal in a dish....the all time favorite Ghee RiceINGREDIENTSBASMATI RICE -1 CUPGREEN PEAS-1/2 CUPONION -1GREEN CHILLY-1 to 2CUMIN SEEDS -1/2 TEASPOONGHEE-4 TABLESPOONSCASHEW NUTS -1 TABLESPOONRAISINS-1 TEASPOONSALT TO TASTEMETHODWash and clean the rice.Soak  for 10 minutes.Drain .Cook with enough water till well cooked.Drain the cooked rice.Boil the green peas with a little salt and sugar.Drain.Heat the ghee in a pan.Fry the cumin seeds,cashew nuts,slit green chillies and chopped onions.Add the green peas and saute along with salt to taste.Now add the cooked  rice to the sauteed mixture.Stir gently and cook covered on low heat for a few minutes.Serve with any curry... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar
Here is a quick and easy meal in a dish that is an all time favorite for the young and old alike...Just a handful on tomatoes and onions help you dish out this tasty dish in a matter of minutes...INGREDIENTSRICE -1 CUPMOONG DHAL-1 TABLESPOONTOMATO JUICE -1 CUPCHOPPED ONION-1CHOPPED TOMATO -1RED CHILLY POWDER -1 TEASPOONTURMERIC POWDER -1/4 TEASPOONGARAM MASALA POWDER-1/2 TEASPOONCUMIN SEEDS-1 TEASPOONCORIANDER LEAVES -LITTLEOIL-2 TABLE SPOONSSALT TO TASTEMETHODClean,wash and soak the rice for 10 minutes.In the mean while,heat the oil in a pressure pan.Fry the cumin seeds,onions and tomato pieces.Add the moong dhal.Add 1 1/2 cups of water.Add the powders and salt.Bring to a boil.Now add the s... Read more
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