Blogger: Anurag Choudhary at Blog on Computer Tips, Blogging Tip...
Step-by-step guide to Backup your Android Smartphone-The Smartphone are now an important part of our life. A lot of Smartphone market is booked by Smartphone running on Android Operating system. All of us not only use them but we fully depend on it. It works like our small, safe house, in which we save our very important personal data and memories. That data and memories are part of our life. In t... Read more
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Blogger: Murtaza Ali at A Potpourri of Vestiges - The Think...
A Potpourri of Vestiges ReviewBy Murtaza Ali KhanNetflix is taking new leaps in order to expand its reach in the international arena. As part of this outreach, Netflix recently released a Turkish historical docudrama series titled Rise of Empires: Ottoman. Its six-part first season, directed by Emre Şahin and written by Kelly McPherson, revolves around the young Ottoman Emperor Mehmed II and his ... Read more
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Blogger: sukumaran at 'சுரன்'...
அனில் அம்பானியின் ‘ரிலையன்ஸ் நேவல்’ நிறுவனம், குறித்த நேரத்தில் கப்பல்களை கட்டித் தராததால், அந்த நிறுவனத்திற்கு மத்திய அரசு நோட்டீஸ் அனுப்பியுள்... Read more
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Blogger: Sachin at Reiki...
Reiki for Obsessive Compulsive DisorderRecently I come across a case of obsessive compulsive disorder in young man named Alex. His parents are very concerned. They have been taking different kinds of treatment for this problem but there is little progress. Someone told them to try Reiki and recommended them to me to explore this natural healing modality.As always, I told them to continue the medic... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt at Peace Calls ...
Like in the past, we visited the Indian embassy today to celebrate the Republic Day of India, it is the day when the Constitution of India was established. There is a statue of Mahatma Gandhi right in front of the Indian Embassy in Washington DC. I looked at Gandhi ji's statute and pondered on the Constitution of India and teared up because of the prevailing situation in my motherland. I have been... Read more
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Blogger: Ankur Anand at TANGLED VIBES...
Image Copyright  - Ankur AnandOn the bedside table. Holy like your promises. unchanged, Is a photograph Of you and me. Through the cobwebs of time. I still can see. the loveDistant as echo, Yet it makes me smile. It sits therein the cheap wooden frame. The only thing in the house, Still ours.... Read more
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Blogger: usha srikumar at உஷா ஸ்ரீகுமா...
மூகாம்பிகை கலைகளுக்கு அதிதேவதையாக கருதப்படுகிறாள்.கொல்லூர் மூகாம்பிகை பற்றிய அரிய 60 தகவல்களை பற்றி விரிவாக பார்க்கலாம்.1. மூகாம்பிகை கலைகளுக்கு அ... Read more
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वरिष्ठ रचनाकार लीला तिवानी जी ने उपन्यास "ढाई कदम"पढ़ कर आशीर्वाद स्वरुप अपनी प्रतिक्रिया मेल द्वारा भेजीं  हैं जिसे मैं यहाँ पोस्ट कर रहा हूँ। ... Read more
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Blogger: Paresh Govind Kale at The Top Post !...
Shooting butterflies on MobileShooting a butterfly on a mobile can be a tricky task considering the following issues:Mobiles do not have a macro lens (especially 1:1) with a long focal length. This forces the shooter to go in close vicinity of the object which may disturb the butterfly. However in recent times, cameras do come with a macro lens, an adapter can also be added. Mobile cameras do not ... Read more
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